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We're delighted to have you onboard!

We’ve included a few treats by way of a little welcome gift and we hope you enjoy them.


The gifts are created by Social Stories Club which is a social enterprise that is led by a strong mission of sustainability and social impact which we admire, respect and support.


Whichever part of FISER you are joining, you are becoming part of a business which prides itself on high levels of performance but also on doing things the right way. That’s why our core values are integrity, honesty and fairness – we believe that doing good is good business.


But we also believe that this is completely compatible with an elite performance culture which is why our group vision statement is “To be the best, working with the best”. We want to help you become the very best you can be during your career at FISER.


So what can you expect in your first few days? In a nutshell, a lot of people to meet, a lot of information to digest and hopefully a lot of fun too! Whether you’re an experienced hand in our industry or this is your first job, we know it can be daunting when you start at a new company, but everyone is here to help and we want you to settle in quickly.


When you join you’ll be added to our internal peer networks and be invited to be a part of our D&I workstreams (which are entirely optional!). I’d also encourage you to reach out to people across the business; we’re a friendly bunch. We recognise that with people working on a hybrid flexible basis, it can be harder to get to know people well, so we all need to make that extra effort, including those new to the business.


Below you’ll find some invitations to some of our upcoming social events. They are all free of charge! Please put them in your diary if you are available and use them as a great opportunity to get to know and socialise with your colleagues! As I said, we’re a friendly bunch.


Just so you know, when I’m not spending time with my family (my wife and 3 children), I typically work 3 days a week in the office and the rest at home. I really enjoy getting to know everyone personally and you’ll receive an invite for a one on one coffee with me in your first few days.


It matters to me how you are feeling at work, so if you have an idea you want to share we’d love to hear it! Some of the best innovations we’ve had over the years have come from conversations people have had with me and others on the management team – there is no such thing in FISER as a bad idea, we love fresh thinking and creativity.


I do hope you settle in well and best of luck for some early successes in your role! A final tip for you – in all my years in this industry, I’ve never worked with a successful colleague who didn’t also work hard and work smart. You get back what you put in, as they say.


Every best wish,

Colin, CEO The FISER Group

Conference Event

Save The Date

We've got some company events coming up and you're invited!

Thursday 1st February

Culture Thursday

Thursday 4th July

Summer Party

Thursday 7th March

Culture Thursday

Thursday 1st August

Culture Thursday

Thursday 4th April

Culture Thursday & Pub Quiz

Thursday 5th September

Culture Thursday

Thursday 2nd May

Culture Thursday

Thursday 3rd October

Culture Thursday

Thursday 6th June

Culture Thursday & PRIDE

Thursday 7th November

Culture Thursday

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